Clear Path Relief (CPR) Program

Program Enrollment Benefits: This program creates an opportunity to reduce or eliminate certain kinds of vehicle-related debt, including parking, compliance, red light, and speed, but excludes expired meter tickets. Pay off the original fine amount for tickets issued in the last 3 years and all eligible debt older than 3 years will be waived. Meter ticket […]

Administrative Debt Relief Program (ADR)

Administrative Debt Relief Program:   Enrollment period begins April 1, 2023, and ends on December 31, 2023. Eligible if currently enrolled in Utility Billing Relief (UBR), Clear Path Relief (CPR) or have a household income less than or equal to 300% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines based on the 30 days prior to application. Get interest, costs, and […]

T-Mobile Free Internet Enrollment for Students

T-Mobile's Project 10Million: Free Internet for Student Households T-Mobile's Project 10Million offers support to 10 million qualifying households within 5 years. This initiative provides eligible K-12 students with free hotspots containing 100GB mobile data yearly for five years, coupled with access to affordable laptops and tablets. Enrollment is open until August 30, 2024. Qualifications include […]

Survivor Fund Open For Applications

The Survivor Crisis Fund by The Network   The Network: Advocating Against Domestic Violence, bridges safety net gaps for gender-based violence survivors as well as human trafficking. Applications are assessed for eligibility and fund availability, followed by a response. Eligibility requires being a victim/survivor of specified abuse types. Further eligibility criteria are determined by funding […]

LIHEAP Application – (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program)

LIHEAP Application - (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program) LIHEAP helps eligible households with low income pay for home energy services. This includes assistance with heating, gas, propane and electricity. More information on services available in your region can be found by visiting your Local Administering Agency (referred to as a local agency) page.   […]


LIHEAP DVP - (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program Direct Vendor Payment) The LIHEAP DVP Program will be resuming on October 2, 2023. You can apply during your household’s eligibility period. Priority period 1 – Households with a senior, aged 60 and over, households with a person living with a disability, and families with children […]